How to produce moringa face scrub

How to Produce Moringa Face Scrub

One of the most remarkably versatile plants in the world is the moringa plant. Most of the parts of the morings plant are used in some form or the other. The leaves and seeds are used widely across a variety of fields including cosmetics, food and medicine. The moringa plant has a range of beneficial properties thanks to the high level of nutrients present.

The different parts of the moringa plant such as leaves and seeds can be converted into a variety of products for use. Cooking oils, tea, medicine, skin care products and face scrubs are just some of the various products that can be created from the moringa plant.

The Benefits of Using Moringa as a Skin Care Product

The leaves and seeds of the moringa plant are often used to make skin care products due to the many nutrients present. They can be converted into soaps, creams and face scrubs. Moringa skin care products are very useful due to their many properties that benefit the skin.

The leaves of moringa are rich in antioxidants which give a boost to the health of the skin. Antioxidants play a vital role in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. They can help the skin regain its glow. Antioxidants maintain the health of the cells and can even reduce the risk of cancer. They slow down the aging process as well. The leaves are also capable of acting as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents. Application of moringa based creams hastens the process of healing minor wounds such as bruises and burns as a result. Moringa leaves possess excellent skin therapeutic properties and can purify the skin. They detoxify the skin reducing the occurrence of acnes by removing impurities in it.

Making a Face Scrub with Moringa

It is not too difficult to make a face scrub at home with moringa. You will need to make a powder of moringa leaves or make oil from its seeds to use in a face scrub.

How to Powder Moringa Leaves

  • Collect a few leaves from the moringa plant.
  • Wash them to remove impruities.
  • Let them dry in a cool place free from dust for a few days.
  • Once they are dry, remove the leaves from their stalks.
  • Powder the leaves. You can use a mortar and pestle, blender or even a fine sieve for the purpose.
  • Once you get the powder, you can add it to your face scrub recipe for use.

How to Make Moringa Oil

  • Collect Moringa seeds and remove their shells.
  • Feed the seeds to an oil expeller. A hand operated expeller will be good enough.
  • Collect the oil produced.
  • You are ready to use the Moringa oil in your face scrub recipe.

Popular Face Scrub Recipes

There are various face pack recipes that you can use moringa with. You need to add other ingredients to improve the health benefits. Popular ingredients include honey, coconut oil, sea salt, cosmetic clay and oatmeal. You can mix the proper ingredients together and apply the mixture as a face scrub.